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Cutting Weight for a Judo Competition: My Approach
So this is the first time I take the professional approach for making weight, cutting down by 5 kg's (11[...]
Supplement List for my Clients
These are the supplements I generally recommend to my athletes and personal training clients. First sources in Iceland, then examples[...]
HCLF aka High Carb Low Fat Diet
The HCLF (or High Carb Low Fat Whole Foods Plant Based Diet) dietary approach has proven itself over and over[...]
Why You Should Avoid Carnitine Supplements like the Blazes!
The Carnitine and TMAO-Connection The other day one of my clients at the gym asks me about carnitine supplements, since[...]

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I coach athletes and fitness folk for a living. Also am Vegan since many a year. I can help you with training, vegan meal plans, dieting (or rather: eating right), weight loss, sports performance, etc.

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