trining with injury
All the Things to Consider after Surgery. Bet you didn't know! This is stuff I'm only learning now, post surgery, and some of it I learn the hard way, unfortunately. I wrote this so you don't have to go that route... Athletes, pay attention! Question 1: What’s the worst thing […]

What You Must Know If You Have Surgery

Arnold schwarzenegger doing cable crossovers
What are the best chest exercises that are not using a pressing movement? Sometimes you want do train chest, yet your triceps are smoked and need recovery. So for example at the end of a heavy benching, dipping and other pressing session, those horseshoes are probably out of gas. What […]

Best Chest Exercises That Spare the Triceps

aha moment on Smart Fats
Do we need ‘Smart Fats’? Well let’s see… But 1st off, what ARE smart fats..?   The body can synthesize most of the fats it needs from the diet. However, two essential fatty acids, linoleic and alpha-linolenic, cannot be synthesized in the body and must be obtained from food. These […]

The Inside Scoop on Smart Fats

the x wife in variousforms
Donnie Thompson, aka ‘Super D’, is the inventor of the ‘X-Wife’, a 50-70kg heavy steel-foamroller. And as many of my clients can attest to, this thing is the business. It waltzes you flat, and literally forces all stiffness, tiredness and adhesions out of your muscles. HERE HE EXPLAINS WHAT THIS […]

Donnie ‘Super D’ Thompson Tops it again with The ‘T-BONE’!

Who here has tried Goldenrod? I just re-discovered this today… You can buy a tea from A.Vogel here in Iceland, or at least you could in the past… just found 2 packs in the old boxes and thought..’What IS this stuff?!’ Well this is what Google told me: Goldenrod or […]

Goldenrod or Woundwort Herb Benefits for Fitness and Bodybuilding

Problems gaining weight? Well here is one simple, little known insider-trick that is probably going to fix it for you… I think you’ll be surprised… There are basically 3 different steps to take for lean mass gains. 1. A good training program 2. Good Nutrition 3. Optimal Nutrient Uptake Point […]

How To Gain Lean Weight with Medical Grade Proteolytic Enzymes

Mark is now torturing most of his athletes and fitness clients at Sporthúsið in Kópavogur – perhaps THE best Sports Center in Iceland! [feature_box style=”3″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”] Contact him here: [/feature_box]

Mark’s New GHQ at Sporthúsið Kópavogur

Mark Kislich has been working with elite athletes for many years now. Just recently he has expanded to coaching athletes and training clients at the prestigious Sporthusid in Kópavógur. Coaching athletes for a living, I realized early on that one of the most important things to consider is specificity. Not […]

The Importance of Sports Specific Training

Being a top athlete demands great physical shape. But is an athlete’s body also aesthetic? Did you ever wonder what they look like…underneath? Let’s take a look… 1. What’s a Gymnast look like naked? Aly Raisman is an Olympic gymnast and in fantastic shape!   2. A Heptahlete takes part […]

This is What Elite Athletes Look Like Naked

So you want to  move up a weight class. Maybe making weight was too difficult last time and has affected your performance negatively? If that’s all, consider my system for cutting weight quickly and -relatively- pain free HERE. Or maybe the higher weight division has less stiff competition and your […]

10 Tips On How To Move Up a Weight Class ...

Ahh Summer’s here … time for a Nice Cold One … or is it …? Unfortunately there is a catch. Beer can have pretty embarrassing side-effects. If it has to be a Brewski, then you should drink beer … without hops! Because here’s the bad news: hops is one of […]

Caution! Drinking Beer Can Grow Belly and Boobs!

Testosterone is the business, the man, the boss, the chops. The male sex hormone will make you perform better… grow lean muscle more easily and burn fat at a much faster rate … let you get stronger and more self-assured. Aggression and strength are increased, which can be important for […]

Testosterone Boosting Herbals to Improve Sports Performance

What’s up with all this business about the metabolism slowing all down as you age, that it’s quite normal to gain weight and get all bent out of shape as you approach the 40′s and 50′s? Well, is it really? Is it normal to get fat and out of shape […]

A Faster Metabolism with Age?

Truth is we don’t need nearly as much protein as the fitness industry would have us believe. Fact: with adequate enzyme levels, we need very little protein. Read on… As we all know, from about the age of about 25 years onwards things are starting to go downhill somewhat… Up […]

Enzymes, Lean Muscle and Health