Howdy and welcome to my site! My name is Mark and I'm an Olympic Performance Coach and also Vegan.

Yes yes yes! You can be Vegan and also strong and athletic and MANLY, too! (Just look at my picture up there and I rest my case! ;-) Find my articles below (bottom of page: strength, health, vegan meal plans and recipes for athletes and ordinary folk alike)

To make it easy for you I wrote a free ebook with Super Simple Vegan recipes U can cook with like 1-3 ingredients in like 20 minutes flat.

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The HCLF (or High Carb Low Fat Whole Foods Plant Based Diet) dietary approach has proven itself over and over[...]
Why You Should Avoid Carnitine Supplements like the Blazes!
The Carnitine and TMAO-Connection The other day one of my clients at the gym asks me about carnitine supplements, since[...]
The ‘Downside’ to Being Vegan
I want to tell you about the one ‘Downside’ to being Vegan... "Downside?!" :-o Vegan has it all.   It’s[...]
What You Must Know If You Have Surgery
Athletes, pay attention! Question 1: What's the worst thing that can happen if you have a healing wound, as in[...]

About Mark

I coach athletes and fitness folk for a living. Also am Vegan since many a year. I can help you with training, vegan meal plans, dieting (or rather: eating right), weight loss, sports performance, etc.

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