A Faster Metabolism with Age?

What’s up with all this business about the metabolism slowing all down as you age, that it’s quite normal to gain weight and get all bent out of shape as you approach the 40′s and 50′s?

Well, is it really? Is it normal to get fat and out of shape with middle age?

Yes, hormones decline, but you can offset that with some special herbals and other intelligent and natural supplementation as well as healthy nutrition and training.
It’s very possible to be in better shape with 50 than most people are with 25.

Just look at the guy in the picture here; that’s him at 74..!

70 is the new 50, 90 is the new 70.

74yearoldbb 300x202 Over Fifty Weight Loss: Is It Really All That Different?

Nowadays you don’t have to “be” –or feel—old, if you don’t want to.
Following are some tips to help you to stay strong and youthful well into high age …

If you look at the pictures of the two gentlemen here: the body builder and the dude with the dumbbells, you will see great examples of just what I’m talking about, of what is actually possible.


Now these guys are exceptional for sure, but it is my absolute conviction that this is achievable for anyone, regardless of genetic background or fitness history …

Your Metabolism and You…

As pointed out above, while hormone levels do decline from about 25 onwards, this state of affairs can actually be completely offset by a healthy lifestyle coupled with intelligent training and supplementation!

When folks say that it’s normal to get fat around 40 then that’s a fallacy or even in some cases…just an excuse.

In the simplest sense, overweight at 40 is caused by near 20 years or more of eating too much and exercising too little.

That’s the gist of it.

So it’s not an age-related condition or disease, but just the accumulation of lard over time.
And the shrinking of muscles due to sheer lack of use …

Apparently the average male gains about one pound of fat per year from the age of 35 to the age of 60 …
But how come?

Muscle Mass Burns the Same Calories per Pound …No Matter How Old!

Research shows that that regardless of age, the daily calorie requirements (energy burned) per pound of muscle mass are always the same. So whether 25 or 55, you have the same calories:lean-mass ratio.

In English that means that 50 pounds of muscle use the same energy/calories per day in a teenager as they do in a baby-boomer.
Only problem is that folks tend to lose muscle as they age … and hence burn up less energy each day!

“Your Metabolism Won’t Slow Down if You Don’t”
Clarence Bass

So all that means is if you maintain lean body mass –-your muscles— the metabolism will not slow down at all.
And when you train regularly, and maybe even increase strength and mass for a bit, you might actually speed it up as you get older!

larryscott64 Over Fifty Weight Loss: Is It Really All That Different? Larry Scott at 64…

Maintain Your Muscle to Maintain Your Metabolism, And Even Speed It Up With Regular Exercise!

Here‘s a „secret“, if you like: maintaining strength and hypertrophy levels (muscle mass) is really very easy …

An example: my athletes do 1 short workout per week on average when they‘re in-season, sometimes less.
And that‘s enough!

At least to maintain, read: stay at the same level. If you want to build up some muscle, a little more is required, but still the good news is that once you‘re there, you can keep what you got with ease!

So while build up might take say 3 sessions a week, one short session is plenty enough for maintenance.

Exercise and Seniors
It‘s no problem for even seniors to lift weights, just take it a little easy on the intensity:
Unless you‘re a competitive athlete there‘s not too much sense in training extra heavy or extra explosive at any age!

So maybe keep the reps high, say 15-25 for example, and the weights accordingly somewhat lower.

No excuses!


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