The Best Chest Workout in the Universe

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    1. Howdy Mario, I would recommend twice a week, for sure…
      For example Monday and Thursday, or Monday and Friday. At least 2 resting days in between upper body workouts and you’re fine! 🙂
      Good luck,

      1. Thank you, also the Arnold flies your arm is not as straight as a traditional fly would be, correct? Is there more of an added benefit in doing them deeper with a more of a bend at the elbows? Look forward to your input.

        1. Howdy Mario, it takes unnecessary pressure off off your elbows and shoulders while allowing you to handle bigger weights (up to a point, not too heavy so they never turn into presses..).
          Win Win all around! 🙂
          I always say to my athletes: this exercise is mainly about perfect form, strict tempo, big, deep stretch and getting a good pump! More so than the weight used…
          We usually do them AFTER the main bench press workout, to stretch out the pecs, create a nice supportive pump and build some lean mass.

          1. Ok thank you! Would this routine be enough for a full chest workout and get me results. I injured my shoulder a couple of moths ago, I want something that will yield results without having to go to heavy.

        2. Howdy Mario, so a complete workout, I’d do at least 4-5 super-sets like this.
          Can you bench at all? You might consider the Sheiko system which makes you strong as hell yet uses quite low %’s.
          But otherwise, yeah, I guess? U could also switch it up like with flat bench and incline flies or declince flies, etc.
          Then some pushups at the end and you should be good, but sooner pr later you’d need to do a heavier phase for better progress, then I’d definitely recommend Sheiko for you.
          What sort of injury are we talking here?
          Get well soon,

  1. Love this. Thank you so much. As I get older my shoulder are more cranky…LOL
    With this I do not have that anymore. THANKS!

    1. Howdy Rahul, yessir, you might use a somewhat heavier weight on the presses where appropriate. Or else just do more reps with the same weight…
      Good luck,

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