Caution! Drinking Beer Can Grow Belly and Boobs!

Ahh Summer’s here …
time for a Nice Cold One … or is it …?

Unfortunately there is a catch. Beer can have pretty embarrassing side-effects.
If it has to be a Brewski, then you should drink beer … without hops!

Because here’s the bad news: hops is one of the most powerfully estrogenic plants on earth.
Estrogen is a female sex hormone and in men can cause the growth of a beer belly and breasts!

So now you know why beer lovers have this big belly and boobs: it’s not only the calories …
The real causes of belly fat in beer drinkers are both calories and estrogenic effects, and mainly the latter!

What does that have to do with athletes, you say? Well you want higher levels of testosterone, certainly not high estrogen!

Testo = Performance

Estro = Embarrassment.

Ever heard this: “Tear in my Beer”?
When you get all touchy-feely after a few pints, know this: it’s female hormones affecting you!
How gross is that? That’s right!

“In the old days in Germany young girls that picked hops would have a very early onset of the menstrual period.”

“In England a common condition is called the Brewer’s Droop: Big Beer Belly and Boobs AND  ‘ED’ (erectile dysfunction) from handling hops and drinking beer.”

It’s backed up by scientific evidence; tested and proven: hops undermine your machismo, they make you soft and flabby, they make a woman out of you!
So unless you go for that kind of thing, I suggest to steer well clear of the stuff …

But now the Good News:
If you love your beer, don’t despair!
It is possible to buy hops-free beer, though it might be a little hard to find. Some Scottish and small private breweries are making traditional beers again!

For example Bruce Williams, a Scottish Brewer, has five in production and they can be found in specialty stores that have a good varied selection.

Drinking original pre-hops-era ale can be good for you:
First off it’s missing all the estrogen that would only make you grow that beer belly.

Then there’s the fact that brewer’s yeast has high levels of glucose tolerance factor. That’s great for weight loss, and it has been shown to lower cholesterol levels.

Traditional brewsky rocks: a pilsner, for example, originally was a “HENBANE” beer: an incredibly strong, psychoactive drink, used in history by Germanic Berserkers before battle!


So if you’ve been drinking hops-beer regularly and are thinking about buying a bra, think again…
Here is another tip: with these herbals you can increase your testosterone levels to formerly unknown heights for increased performance: both in sports as well as in the bedroom… so you can offset some of the damage at least.

Note: if you couldn’t care less where the booze comes from, I would recommend a glass or three of organic red wine instead: it’s good for the heart and assists your weight loss efforts to boot!
Even white wine will do, as it has some heart health benefits, too …

But … “Gotta be a Brewsky”?

Beer Lover? Can’t live without the ice cold, refreshing, frothy beverage of gold?

Well if it HAS to be beer, do your manliness a favor and find one made without hops.

Losing that beer belly is quite simple: start drinking more beer … without hops in it!

Your choice guys: either the one Six-Pack … or the other!


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