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Donnie ‘Super D’ Thompson Tops it again with The ‘T-BONE’!

Donnie Thompson, aka ‘Super D’, is the inventor of the ‘X-Wife’, a 50-70kg heavy steel-foamroller.
And as many of my clients can attest to, this thing is the business. It waltzes you flat, and literally forces all stiffness, tiredness and adhesions out of your muscles.

Super D

Super D Walks the Walk



the x wife in variousforms

This is genius, it really helps recovery and also prevents injury. I use it on all my clients after each and every workout.

But not enough, Super D’s mind never rests. He invented the ‘Thompson Fat-Pad’: a wide and thick bench press pad. Also the Thompson Fat Bells, a centered kettlebell, basically with the grip INSIDE the bell!

And now… he brings us… The ‘T-Bone‘! HAHAHA! Here, seeing is believing.

the T-Bone by Super D

But I KNOW this shit works, if you want to be and stay painfree while living and training hard, I highly recommend your looking into this man’s methods.

A big jolly chunk of strength and genius.

Below, this guy TRIPLED his nutrient absorption to boost energy through the roof, drop 42 POUNDS of fat and water in just under 16 weeks and GAIN LEAN MUSCLE in the most serious growth spurt of a decade...all with one single -legal- supplement: MUST WATCH VIDEO!

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This Package includes:

Module 1: Find instant relief with effective and targeted shoulder stretches
Module 2: Foam Roller Shoulder Protocol: as little as 2-3 times and notice the difference!
Module 3: Effective Self Treatment: be Your Own Therapist
Module 4: The Bones - 2 optimized Shoulder Workouts for Rehab and Prehab
Module 5: Correct Sleep Positions so you don't keep aggravating the problem
Bonus: Grip Strength Training from Hell!

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