Enzymes, Lean Muscle and Health

Truth is we don’t need nearly as much protein as the fitness industry would have us believe.
Fact: with adequate enzyme levels, we need very little protein. Read on…

As we all know, from about the age of about 25 years onwards things are starting to go downhill somewhat…

Up till that time, the body was in build-up-mode, but then….after a grace period of balance, it basically starts to break down. It’s called aging, and it sucks.

The hormone levels fall, testosterone and growth hormone become less and less available. But did you know that hormone levels aren’t the only thing to decline? No, we ALSO start losing our enzymes. As it turns out, that is a BIG problem…

I wasn’t actually aware of this, until I read this free report (at the bottom of the post). It’s about a guy who wins body building championships, and his protein intake is around 85 grams a day…of plant protein.

And that’s not only enough to build an impressively lean and muscular physique, it’s also about the right daily amount for optimal health, because much more than that can make you sick, very sick.

The key, the secret, if you will, is to have high levels of the right enzymes…which are declining early on in life.

So “don’t take more protein to fix things, take enzymes and make sure to utilize all proteins optimally” is the message. Take less protein, and more enzymes. Because more protein will not only lighten your wallet, it’ll also make you sick over time and might even be counter-productive…

I was there, where Wade Lightheart was, and where you possibly are now: eating insane amounts of protein a day to gain lean mass. Well let me tell you something! Not only will this make you fat and sick, it can even cost you muscle mass! Talk about ironic… (find more details in the report).

Whereas taking proteolytic enzymes will allow our bodies to turn all protein into lean mass, and none of it into fat. Our energy levels rise and we feel great and vibrant again, not sluggish and tired and bloated.

The fitness industry tells us to ‘Eat more Brodeen’ (protein) if we want to gain muscle. Well…. they also try to sell it to us, don’t they? Fishy, if you ask me.

As a matter of fact, selling supplements like whey protein is their main source of income. The more we believe we need to take, the more they sell. Simple. And wrong. It’s a SCAM.

Don’t fall for it and only make yourself fat, weak and sick. You can download the report at the link below -it’s totally free, no strings attached- you don’t even need to give them your email or anything. Just click the link, then download the report by clicking the little arrow in the top right hand corner of the pdf. Bingo bang bongo, BOOM! Done.


Good luck and to your health,


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