How To Gain Lean Weight with Medical Grade Proteolytic Enzymes

Problems gaining weight? Well here is one simple, little known insider-trick that is probably going to fix it for you… I think you’ll be surprised…

There are basically 3 different steps to take for lean mass gains.

1. A good training program
2. Good Nutrition
3. Optimal Nutrient Uptake

Point 1: one popular example is German Volume Training, or the 10×10 protocol. What it means is that you do 10 sets of 10 reps of one single exercise, like squats. Use about 60% of your 1 RM (max weight).

Point 2: High carb, low fat works best, is healthiest and will provide you with plenty pf energy for intense training sessions. Try to keep fat intake below 10% of total calories.

Point 3: Now. Imagine this. A Silver back Gorilla.

silverbackThey have incredible strength, and lots of lean body mass. What do they eat? Basically, bananas and greens. Very little protein. So how come they’re so big and strong?

It’s because they utilize MUCH more of their nutrients than we do! Our digestive system is way less efficient than that of a Gorilla.

So what can we do? Well there is something to fix this, indeed. We can optimize our nutrient uptake to the max, with maximum strength, medical grade proteolitic enzymes.

With the right ones, you can increase the amount of usable protein in your bloodstream, even without increasing overall intake!

Another thing you might not be aware of is this: much of the protein we eat does not get digested properly. So we cannot build muscle from it.

But that’s not all! Undigested protein in the digestive track can putrefy, rot, basically, and poison you from the inside out…

So with proteolytic enzymes you’ll also become healthier and feel much better. Health starts in the digestive system, both good health and bad.

Another good reason to give this a try is the fact that you’ll basically get more protein out of your food, hence more muscle growth, without eating more protein! So that will save a lot of money down the road. It might even be feasible to eat LESS protein and still have MORE available in the bloodstream to build, lean, strong muscles.

The results of consuming medical grade, cultured enzymes can be astounding. Muscle pain from training and joint soreness might disappear within weeks, energy can soar and sleep requirements be drastically reduced.

Most of all, the protein you eat will finally do it’s job: build a healthy, lean, strong body.
Good Luck,

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