Goldenrod or Woundwort Herb Benefits for Fitness and Bodybuilding

Who here has tried Goldenrod? I just re-discovered this today…

You can buy a tea from A.Vogel here in Iceland, or at least you could in the past… just found 2 packs in the old boxes and thought..’What IS this stuff?!’

Well this is what Google told me:

Goldenrod or woundwort Solidago virgaurea tea/powder/caps have many benefits for fitness sports and body building.


  1. Goldenrod or woundwort is a diuretic, meaning it helps dry you out and get you shredded
  2. Goldenrod is very healthy for the urinary tract/bladder and the kidneys, so it helps detox your body and especially the kidneys. It’s rejuvenating for the kidneys which will help you feel more energized and stay healthy.
  3. Goldenrod is also an anti-inflammatory, which again is useful for athletes and bodybuilders. Sore joints and systemic inflammation all will be helped by the herb Goldenrod.
  4. The herb helps with prostate inflammation and enlargement, which is useful for men, especially those with high plasma levels of testosterone and estrogen, just like fitness trainees and bodybuilders as well as athletes from all kinds of sports.

Here are some studies:

  1. Anti-carcinogenic:
  2. Anti-inflammatory:

All in all, a very interesting  herb that has many uses for athletes and bodybuilders alike.


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