Matt D’Aquino is well known in the Judo and general grappling world. His Judo instructional videos on YouTube have millions of views for a good reason: they deliver the goods. Now recently Matt released a new DVD series that teaches simple and fool proof Judo takedowns to the BJJ practitioner. […]

Judo for BJJ by Judo Olympian Matt D’Aquino

Hi, I’d like to tell you a little bit about my new Shoulder Health Program for Judoka (and others as well who have shoulder trouble), and why I think you should check it out. Without further ado, here are the top 7 reasons YOU need ‘Bullet-Proof Shoulders for Judo‘: 1. […]

7 Reasons Why YOU Need ‘Bullet-Proof Shoulders for Judo’

steroid injection
You might not be aware of it, but you do have here in Iceland available an incredibly effective natural ‘steroid’… It’s available over-the-counter if you know where to get it, it’s healthy and it’s cheap. The name of this magic substance is Flóa Broddur or in English…Colostrum. Yes yes yes, […]

Natural ‘Steroids’ Over The Counter

The Supplements Industry wants your money, so beware! Don’t believe anything that they tell you… The fitness industry peddles supplements, and that’s just a sub sector of the food industry. If you know anything about these bad boys you’ll understand that diligence and caution are required, so they don’t pull […]

Some Answers About Sports Supplements

confident player
There’s basically two ways to develop confidence. The first? Is to be a kick-ass player. Obvious, right. Sure. Simple, yet not easy. Hard work always outperforms talent in the end. Folks might think that Cristiano Ronaldo is very talented, and he sure is. Well, he also happens to be THE […]

Two Effective Ways to Develop Confidence as a Player

sleep problems
The importance of sleep cannot be overestimated. Quality sleep -and enough of it!- is plain necessary for healthy living, not to speak of peak performance. 

One of my sayings is: ‘If you don’t sleep right, you don’t live right.’ This is a very basic truth. A little child gets cranky […]

Three Unorthodox Tips to Optimize Sleep for Recovery and a ...

judoka from mongolia
One likely explanation for why Team GB is doing less than great lately There were not many (try none) British names in the finals of the World Championships in Brazil or the Olympic Games in London 2012. At least I didn’t see any in all the different weight classes for […]

Why Does British Judo Lag Behind?

speedskating in action
Question: Asking the coach a question. (you can publish it) how do you improve cardiovascular fitness such as stamina in an anaerobic state? The kind of explosive exercise that make you want to pass out and throw up at the same time. Thanks! (you can reword it too of you […]

How To Improve Anaerobic Capacity? Try the True Tabata Protocol!

lance armstrong doping
We all remember Lance Armstrong and the whole doping scandal surrounding him and the Tour de France, etc. Well, next one up: his cycling team manager Johan Bruyneel has been banned for 10 years, whereas his doctor Pedro Celaya and trainer Jose “Pepe” Marti reveive an 8 year ban each, […]

Lance Armstrong: The Doping Saga Continues…

steroid injection
Question: Hi Mark! I have a question regarding the long term usage of some supplements that i have started taking for weight training. They are legal plant based steroids produced by a company called BioSync in South Africa. One is called ‘Testo Boost’ and the other is called Nitro CX-4 […]

Are Testo Boosters and Steroid-Like Supplements Safe?

ninja dragon
If you’ve been reading my site for any time at all you’re probably aware there’s two key supplements I recommend to all my athletes, and to anyone who trains hard in the gym and/or plays hard on the pitch. Those two are BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) and L-Glutamine. Take […]

An Ultra Anabolic Ninja Tip

square chest on markie mark wahlberg
Question: Hi Mark, I have been following your advise of your best chest workout, love it so far. Question 1 is how many times a week should this be performed? I am currently doing a 3 day split workout but could fit this in more if needed. Question 2 is […]

How Often a Week Can I Train Chest