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A picture of Eidur GudjohnsenI played for many top Champions League teams over the years, including FC Barcelona, Chelsea and Tottenham Hot Spurs. During that time I worked with quite a few physical coaches: some good, some not so good, some excellent.
I can say that without a doubt, Mark belongs to the latter category.

– Eiður Smári Guðjohnsen, Champions League Player[/feature_box]

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A picture of Logi Geirsson, Olympic Silver MedalistI have worked with Mark since 2006. He is very professional and accurate in his work. I am a personal trainer but I go to him to get the maximum results and motivation that I need.
2008, before the Olympics in Beijing, he put me in the form of my life, his formulas in the gym and knowledge in nutrition are about as pro as it gets. Another big bonus is also his treatment/therapy, and what I like the most is how important the technique-thing is, it’s all about quality not quantity.
If you are considering to be the best possible version of yourself, he is the guy to help you out with that.

– Logi Geirsson

2 times EHF-Cup Champion Lemgo Germany
Silver Medalist from the Olympics 2008
Bronze Medalist from EM-2011
Icelandic Champion 2011
Holder of The Falcon Cross (fálkaorðan)


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Gary MartinSince working with Mark I am stronger, more powerful and physically more developed on the pitch. It shows in the results, by my performance in 2013 and 2014, when I was working with him in both the winters leading up to the seasons. What’s more, his work has helped me stay injury free as well. I never had any problems or serious problems, some stiffness here and there but his treatment and methods fixed me up. He definitely is the Go To Guy here if you want results in helping performance and staying injury free.

-Gary Martin[/feature_box]

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arnigudnassonI’ve struggled a lot with injuries in the past few years due to my sport and because of stupid mistakes in the gym.
In September 2014 I met Mark for the first time. That man knows what he is doing: now I am stronger and more explosive than ever, my condition is great and best of all I have not had any serious injuries since i started training with Mark.
Mark said he’d make me as “Bulletproof” to injuries as possible, and he has. What’s more, his training is specific to my sport, so it helps me get to the highest possible level, to reach my full potential.

It gives me great confidence when walking to the ring knowing I have that kind of knowledge backing me up.

Arni Gudnasson, Norwegian Champion, Full Contact Kick Boxing[/feature_box]

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Once I looked like this:

Before I started to work with Mark I looked like this:
Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 4.54.44 PM

And now I look like this:

Don’t be a fat bastard and start training with the best personal trainer in Iceland!



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Here Logi talks about our work together through 2 football clubs. By now we’re working together on the third club/team (Stjarnan), which -at the time of writing, July 2013- kicks butt big time, leading the league.[/feature_box]

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And Logi Geirsson tells how he hopes I can help him rehab his shoulder. (it’s in Icelandic)[/feature_box]

[feature_box style=”1″]
The chairman of Selfoss FC on our successful work together[/feature_box]

[feature_box style=”1″]
And Óskar, a Selfoss player, on how the team has improved in our time there.[/feature_box]

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A picture of Bjorn JonssonI played pro in Holland for several years, but I was continuously injured. Then I came back to Iceland for surgery, and things became better…for a while. But then it started again! It was one never ending up and down…

I got worried about my football career…

Until I met Mark: the best physical coach I have worked with.

Now my body is stronger than ever, and most importantly: injury free!

– Björn Jónsson, National Champion 2011, Cup Winner 2011, 2012


[feature_box style=”1″]A picture of Sebastian AlexanderssonI’ve been a player in top class handball in Iceland for 23 years. During that time I’ve had a lot of different physical coaches. I can say with out a doubt that Mark is the best one I have had in those 23 years.
I have been struggling with my physical form and weight for the last 6 years. Since I started training by Marks nutritional and exercise program I have had unbelievable results. I’ve lost 9 kg. in 8 weeks and 6 cm. off my waist. At the same time both my strength and energy levels are considerably higher. I thought that my playing carrier was finished but now I feel like I’m 10 years younger. Mark has given me the opportunity and confidence to play again and to continue to enjoy my sport.

– Sebastian Alexandersson

Multiple medal winner in Icelandic handball
Former player of the Icelandic national handball team
Handball coach for more then 20 years
Director of the Handball Academy in Selfoss since 2006


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A picture of Audun Helgasson2005 I moved back to Iceland after 8 years as a professional footballer in Switzerland, Norway, Belgium and Sweden. That year I got champion with FH and was voted player of the year by my team-mates and the newspapers. At this stage I played for the national team of Iceland. In 2006 I had a serious injury in my knee and I thought my career was over. I met Mark in the beginning of the year 2007 and he’s the main reason that I’m still playing at the highest level in Iceland. His knowledge, skills and experience have made me much stronger. He has really helped me to stabilize and strengthen my knee as well as my whole body. Actually I feel stronger and more powerful than ever, thanks to Mark.

– Audun Helgason


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A picture of Thorvaldur BlondalIn the beginning of 2012 I injured my shoulder in a weightlifting accident. After four months of constant pain I thought I would never do judo again. Then a friend of mine sent me to Mark Kislich. He fixed my shoulder with his bare hands in a few weeks. He also made me do rehab exercises that made me stronger than before. The recovery was almost unbelievable. Now I’m fighting as if nothing had happened.

– Þorvaldur Blöndal, 5 times Nordic judo champion[/feature_box]

[feature_box style=”1″]I’m working with my Champions League Team K.R. since 7 years now…today, we clinched the National Championship Title…yet again!

Way to go, boys, proud of ya! :-)[/feature_box]






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Online Coaching Clients

I began working with mark in late November 2013 1 year earlier i had been very strong and lean training 5-6 times a week i was also following the high fat high protein diet and struggled to keep fat off i would normally train twice a day to maintain it which was stressful and my health was non existent every bug going i got i felt like crap then in early april i suffered a close loss which broke me and i stopped training and sat around comfort eating and was destroying my body i was in the worse physical and mental shape of my life after 7 months of this i finally decided to do something about it and began training and for the first time in my life i couldnt motivate myself and the diet was making me ill once again and i needed a miracle i needed the best luckily i came across mark on facebook and after a few chats decided i would give him a shot well mark has transformed my life i just finished my first 12 weeks and my body is well on the way to perfection my body fat has dropped considerably on day 1 i was 95 kg with easy 25% body fat and 12 weeks and now im 90 kg at around 12% body fat i only train 4 times a week for around 50 minutes they are hard i wont lie BUT i feel great unlike other coaches recommendations mark has switched me to purely plant based nutrition which has made me super healthy im never ill i feel amazing i sleep great and cant imagine switching back to meat and wasting money on pointless supplements mark is a maverick strength coach and i cannot wait to see what happens in the next 15 weeks the workouts are all specific to me and my lifestyle there is no copy paste with him even over x mas when the gym was shut he gave me home workouts which worked like a charm mark kislich is a miracle worker if you need a game changing effect on your body and health he is the man to talk too.
Wayne Needham

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