Testosterone Boosting Herbals to Improve Sports Performance

Testosterone is the business, the man, the boss, the chops.

The male sex hormone will make you perform better… grow lean muscle more easily and burn fat at a much faster rate … let you get stronger and more self-assured. Aggression and strength are increased, which can be important for sports competition.

Small wonder that steroids are so popular: they are basically all derivatives of testosterone.

Unfortunately, this so very powerful substance starts to decline from around 25 years onwards, resulting in low sex drive, weight gain, sometimes even ED (erectile dysfunction), impotence, and it may come as no surprise: slower recovery rates and a dip in sports performance.

The Loss of Libido

The loss of libido (sometimes incorrectly spelled lobido or labido) can be a daunting prospect for any man, and yet this condition is more and more common in our modern day and age:
Environmental toxins, xeno-estrogens, unhealthy diet and lifestyle as well as a lack of physical activity all contribute to this undesirable condition.

If on the other hand you apply the right strategies, you can keep that Big T buzzing at 20-Year-Old Levels well into mid-age and beyond …

Because the good news is you can do a heck of a lot to improve this condition, to offset this age-related decline in potency:
With the correct nutrition, supplementation and training as well as a healthy life style it’s possible to restore testosterone levels back to youthful amounts, and maybe even a little more than that …

And then there’s those “Bag of Ninja Tricks” Testo Herbals, that when used right can have quite extraordinary effects!

So, let’s “dive right in”, as it were:

Testo-Boosting Herbals

Some herbs have a definite impact on testosterone, as backed up by science and empirical evidence. Here’s a list of some of the more potent ones:

Turnera Diffusa Maca• Fenugreek

• Stinging Nettle

• Muira Puama

• Ashwaghanda

• Holy Basil

• Tribulus Terrestris

• Saw palmetto

All are excellent choices. Maca and Tribulus work for the ladies too, by the way !;-)

I‘ve used most of these herbals personally at high doses without ever experiencing any side-effects.
And yet they all have a very DEFINITE Testosterone Boosting quality … without going too much into the specifics here, I will only say this: you can tell! You‘ll see.

One of my athletes was boasting about how his girlfriend had to „suffer“ after he started a course of Fenugreek!

A common joke in this situation is that you should wake up in the mornings lying under a Teepee (a tent formed out of the blanket and … a pole … ) icon smile Try Testosterone Boosting Herbals to Make Muscle Grow & Lose Fat Quickly

Here are some dosages for the different herbs:

Zinc: 3×15-45mg
Turnera Diffusa: 1-3x5gram
Saw Palmetto: 3×2-3 caps
Maca: 1-3 caps AM&PM (500mg/day)
Stinging Nettle: 1-3x5gram
Muira Puama: 1-1.5 gram p.d. (3×500 mg)
Ashwaghanda: 450-900 mg daily (1.5% anolides)
Holy Basil: 4-800mg, 1-2xpd, early in the day
Tribulus Terrestris: PM, 750mg a day, 40%+ standardised

One word of caution:
Higher T means also more aggression, which can be a good thing when channeled right, in for example a heavy lifting session or a sports competition.

When out of control, it can have devastating effects: on your job, your marriage, your health.
So you want to be prepared for this!

It‘s much better to know this upfront, so when you overreact ask yourself where this behavior is coming from; then remember the herbals and higher-than-normal testosterone levels and keep a lid on it, pull yourself together.

When this happens to me I catch myself right away and just shut up immediately.


P.S. Tip: Get rid of the steam?
Have Sex, beat up a sandbag, lift some heavy weights.
… works for me!

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