Cows are vegan

The ‘Downside’ to Being Vegan

I want to tell you about the one ‘Downside’ to being Vegan…

“Downside?!” 😮

Vegan has it all.


  • It’s the ethical way to live – my motto goes like this:

‘If you don’t have to kill to live, why do it?’

  • It’s the most ecologically sound choice – Save the planet, YAY!!
  • And it’s the healthiest way of life hands down – the science backs it up 110%!


Oh, and Veganism is also the easiest, healthiest and most sustainable way to lose weight/to burn fat out there by far.


What’s not to like?


Cows are vegan


Well, there is ONE downside, IF you can call it that…

To eat fresh, healthy vegan food … takes ALL day.

 What do I mean?



The shopping. The prepping. The cooking. The eating. And then… there’s the ’living on the loo’ thing..


Don’t get me wrong, it’s all well worth it, very much so. But…. it DOES take a LOT of time out of your life.

Unless, of course, you want to visit some Vegan restaurant every day… but their food is not always healthy, and personally, I want to know EXACTLY what goes in my dishes, and also that it’s all clean, etc.

Apples are good for you

A Clean Apple

Just now, this very moment, I’m coming – and I’m not making this up – back from a sprint to the kitchen, where I – again! – have burnt some food.


Happens to me, like, ALL the time?! I mean I dunno.. only theory I have is if you cook all day, well, you’ll burn some food now and again.

 Does that happen to you? Do you know how to prevent it?


If so, my friend, my brother, my sister, please, PLEASE, purLEASE! comment down below and tell me how!

 Ok Ok, back to business.

So eating a healthy Vegan diet takes much time and work. What to do if you’re NOT a 5-Star-Chef and/or if you’re simply busy, like me? Don’t have all day to cook and eat?


Well there IS a solution, sort of. It’s not magic, and you’ll still need to put in the work, but I found ways to make this quick and good at the same time.

1. Cook for 2-5 days at once. Got a fridge? You’re set.
2. Go shopping once a week. For the week.
3. Use recipes that are actually quick and easy.


Since I’m pretty busy and have other stuff to do, like coaching my athletes, doing Judo, walking my Doggie, etc, I developed a bunch of these quick&easy recipes over time, out of sheer necessity.


I made a Super Simple Vegan Cookbook you can download for free here:

Sweet Potatoes are good for you

Sweet Potatoes are Yummy!

And below is an example from that very recipe collection, just to prove to you that it’s possible:

Sweet Potato Rice

BTW my doggie LOVES this! It’s the base for his Vegan foodies nearly every single day. So I call this… Doggie Food! 😉

Manmi Snaer

My Doggie Máni. He also is Vegan.

But trust me, humans can also eat it without peril and it’s friggin’ DELISH!!


Ingredients: 400-500 gr Jasmine Rice (2.5 cups or 16.5 ounces)
1-2 large Sweet Potatoes2.5 liters/quarts of Water Sweet
Thai Chili Sauce (optional)


Slice the potatoes up in 1 inch/2 cm thick slices.
Slam it all in a pot: sweet potatoes and rice, and let it boil for 30 minutes.
Chop it up a little.


Serve with Sweet Thai Chili Sauce to taste or as a side dish to your favorite food.

Well my friend, was that easy or what? 😉


OK I want thank you for reading, for being Vegan and I hope you’ll enjoy, to your good health!


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