This is What Elite Athletes Look Like Naked

Being a top athlete demands great physical shape. But is an athlete’s body also aesthetic?

Did you ever wonder what they look like…underneath?
Let’s take a look…


What’s a Gymnast look like naked?

Olympic Gymnast

Aly Raisman is an Olympic gymnast and in fantastic shape!



A Heptahlete takes part in 7 different Track and Field events. But what do they look like in the nude?


Chantae McMillan is a Heptathlete and she has a GREAT butt if you ask me!



But what about Baseball? Are they in shape? This one’s for the ladies…

baseball player

Bryce Harper plays for the Washington Nationals and is obviously in good form. He also does his chin ups: you can tell because he has lats!



While we’re talking male athletes, are rugby players all chubby?

rugby player

Well, obviously not. Todd Clever plays rugby, and is in shape!



And finally, what might a Skateboarder look like in the buff?


How about ‘Stunningly Beautiful’? This is Leticia Bufoni, and…well…enough said.

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