trining with injury

What You Must Know If You Have Surgery

All the Things to Consider after Surgery. Bet you didn't know!

This is stuff I'm only learning now, post surgery, and some of it I learn the hard way, unfortunately. I wrote this so you don't have to go that route...

Athletes, pay attention!

Question 1: What’s the worst thing that can happen if you have a healing wound, as in just coming fresh out of surgery?

Answer: Trip, slip, and/or fall on your ass. Worst thing.

Question 2: When is the above MOST likely to happen?

Answer: THAT’S right, just out of surgery.

So the worst is most likely to happen when you least need it.


Surgery Makes You Clumsy

Like, I NEVER trip on the stairs. After shoulder surgery, I tripped on the stairs. And man, it hurt like FUCK and I was so worried that I had screwed up the repair.

I never miss a step and actually fall flat on my ass, HARD. Well, guess what happened to me TODAY. That’s right.

My ass hurts so much when I touch it or when I sit down or when I run…


But what worried me most was my shoulder, 2 weeks out of surgery. It hurt like hell and I pray to God it’s not fucked up. I think not, but manmanmanmanman….

This, like, NEVER happens!! And now, it does.

bruised after surgery

Call me Bruiser….


The reason is quite obvious if you think about it, but that’s just the problem: I never even thought about it.

The Reason To Take EXTRA Care After Surgery

Your Body is Off-Balance! With your arm in a sling, or your leg in a cast, you move differently! You have less balance! You’re clumsy!


You just might walk into things, miss a step, trip on the step, even if that normally NEVER happens! Because being off by just a half an inch can be enough. A small mistake can be enough to create a BIG problem, like falling down the frigging stairs…


Now I learned the hard way what I feel the surgeon should have told me from the start. All active people, all athletes should be made aware of this!!

Because we’re like: I’M alright, NO problem, I’m so tough, I’m a spartan, I am made of KRUPPSTAHL, NO problem!!

trining with injury

FUCK the Doc!

Hey, fuck pain, right? And I can always work with just one arm? TOO easy…


So here’s what all surgeons should do. They should sit us the fuck down, and say something like this:

“Yesyesyes, I KNOW you’re tough. I KNOW you don’t worry about pain, because you’re a Judoka. I know you can handle working with one arm, because you’re so strong, you handsome devil you stud you, you sexy man! (OK right about now I’d get worried)


But here’s the thing. This FRESH surgery wound is FRAGILE like an intricate crystal vase. If you drop it, it’s fucked. If you run into something with it, it’s fucked.


Your buddy walks up behind you and thinks it’s funny to slap you on the shoulder…someone walks into YOU….someone throws a medicine ball and it hits you… if you slip on the ice, trip on the stairs, miss a step…


When you sit down on that fucking bench and that FUCKING bench starts to tip over, and you get a reflex reaction and do some jerky movement (happened to me the day after surgery, I kid you not. AND then I slipped outside a little later)


YOU CAN FUCK THIS UP!! (shouting in your ear).
Because it doesn’t matter how tough YOU are, Buster, what matters is the surgery.. is not.


And then? It was ALL for nothing. All the pain, the inconvenience, the money… for FUCK all.


And the 2nd time around.. you guessed it: the repair generally is not as good as the 1st time around. Because you’re repairing a repair, YOU get it I’m sure.


So I feel this is what the surgeons should tell us, because I had to learn it the hard way. Well, not the HARD hard way, at least I hope not. I think I was ..kinda lucky, in a way.

Glück im Unglück we say in Germany.

Lucky within the misfortune, or something like that.

And that is why I write this post. So other athletes and active people will be aware of it and don’t have to first go through more unnecessary pain to get it.


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